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Press Brakes

Press Brakes from FMI Trading, LLC

MI Trading, LLC carries a wide selection of press brakes for you to choose from. We carry both high-quality new and used press brakes from some of the best brands in the nation at affordable prices. And with options to buy or trade, we will find the best solution for your project.

Press Brake Features

We have different kinds of press brakes; mechanical, hydraulic, CNC, from 15 tons up to 1,000, and from a 4 feet bed up to 30 feet.

Press brakes all come with some pretty standard features: reservoir with an oil filter, spring-loaded die clamps, all-steel frame, electrical components, among others. We’ve also carried both hydraulic and mechanical press brakes. Hydraulic and mechanical presses both have the same basic functions, but each comes with its own benefits.

  • Mechanical:Mechanical press brakes reach higher speeds during production than hydraulic brake presses and are good for parts that have shallower forming requirements. Highly accurate and simple, these are a mainstay in many plants.

  • Hydraulic:
  • Hydraulic press brakes are more versatile than mechanical press brakes and offer a variety of settings for more specific requirements.
red Mechanical press brake

Press Brakes from FMI Trading, LLC

If you’re in need of upgraded press brakes for your plant, we’ve got you covered. We carry a variety of both new and used press brakes, so you have options to choose from. Check out our selection online or call today to learn more!