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Purchasing Plate Rolls from FMI Trading, LLC

At FMI Trading, LLC, we specialize in selling and trading machinery and equipment, including plate rolls. Plate rolls are used to roll metal sheets into spherical or cone-shaped items. This machine is a staple in most plants and can help you accomplish rounded sheet metal work.

Different Types of Plate Rolls

The various types of plate rolls have their own functions, including in terms of pinching, number of rolls, and features. Depending on the requirements and limitations of the projects you frequently work on, there are different kinds of plate rolls you can choose from, including single and double pinching. These include:

Each plate roll works differently, though many of them can be used to complete the same kind of project. If you work with heavy-capacity or light-capacity jobs, it’s important to choose a plate roll that meets your needs.

Our Plate Rolls at FMI Trading, LLC

At FMI Trading, LLC both our new and used plate rolls come from some of the top manufacturers in the industry, including Williamette, Bertsch & Company, and MG. If you’re in the market for a new plate roll, contact us today to learn more!

plate roll equipment from FMI Trading

FMI Trading LLC in El Paso

At FMI Trading LLC, we carry a variety of equipment, including cranes, that you can purchase or trade for. Our cranes are high-quality, inspected, restored, and perfect for any construction site. Feel free to check out our inventory on our website or call to learn more!