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Metalworking Equipment Trader in El Paso

If you’re in the market for new or used metalworking equipment, FMI Trading LLC has you covered. We often have a variety of metalworking equipment in our inventory for you to choose from. We offer equipment to purchase and trade for.

Our Metalworking Equipment

We carry a variety of brands, makes, and models of metalworking equipment, so you have options when it comes to size, capability, and more. Our most common metalworking equipment include:

Lathes: We have multiple kinds of lathes available for trading, including the Betts Vertical Lathe and the Wohlenberg-Hannover Lathe, both of which are among our best sellers.
man working with a lathe

Milling Machines: Our inventory includes new and used milling machines.
metalwork equipment, milling machine

Bandsaws: Our new band saws are distributed from HydMech, a company out of Canada that sells high-quality band saws and band saw parts.
bandsaw equipment in el paso texas

Shears and Press Brakes: We also get our new shears and press brakes from Piranha. Piranha distributes high-quality metalworking equipment and has done so for decades.
new and used press brakes

Drills: The drills in our inventory come from different high-quality manufacturers, including Cincinnati. Our equipment includes some of the best in the industry.

Presses and Punch Presses: We carry a variety of used presses and punch presses from multiple trustworthy manufacturers. Our new inventory is distributed from Piranha.
Presses and Punch Presses operating

Angle Rolls: Our most popular angle roll manufacturers include Buffalo and Webb. We carry multiple makes and models of angle rolls, so you can find the kind you need.
fmi trading llc angle rolls in action

Trading with FMI Trading LLC

Much of the metalworking equipment we trade is used, but we take all the necessary precautions to ensure the equipment comes in satisfactory condition. We complete thorough inspections and restoration on all the used equipment we trade and sell. This ensures that you don’t purchase a faulty product or one in poor condition.

We are members of the Machinery Dealers National Association and as members, we are held to certain standards, which includes giving you a 30-day return period for any piece of equipment purchased from us and ensuring the equipment you purchase from us is good to use.

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Metalworking equipment is important for any plant. If your equipment is in need of an upgrade, we can help. Check out our inventory online and feel free to call us today!