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Machinery Trading in El Paso

FMI Trading LLC has been in the business of selling and trading machinery for over 30 years in Mexico, and now, we’ve made it to the Sun City to continue our passion. We specialize in inspecting, restoring, and trading machinery of all shapes and sizes, specializing in the construction, materials handling, and metals industries.

Our Equipment

We carry a variety of equipment in our inventory at any given time. This can include everything from angle rollers to milling machines. Some of our most popular include:

Bandsaws: Our two most common bandsaws include the HydMech V-18 and the HydMech DM-12. HydMech is a popular brand of bandsaws and is the leading manufacturer in the industry.
bandsaw equipment in el paso texas

Forklifts: Our inventory includes a variety of makes and models of forklifts, so you have options to choose from. We carry the best brands, including New Holland and Caterpillar.
new and used forklifts by FMI Trading LLC

Lathes: We have multiple kinds of lathes available for trading, including the Betts Vertical Lathe and the Wohlenberg-Hannover Lathe, both of which are among our best sellers.
man working with a lathe

Shears: Shears are among some of our most popular items. These include the Accushear Hydraulic Shear and the Jaromet Plate Shear.
used and new shears provided by FMI Trading

Press Brakes: Lastly, press brakes are another one of our most popular products in our inventory. We’ve traded press brakes from multiple companies, including Cincinnati Incorporated.
press brakes equipment machine

New vs. Used

At FMI Trading LLC, we trade and sell both new and used equipment. Buying used equipment often gives the perception of lower quality, but with the high-quality brands we often have in our inventory, that isn’t the case. We also thoroughly inspect and test all of our used equipment to ensure you aren’t buying a bad batch. There are both pros and cons to buying used or new equipment, so if you’re unsure of what to invest in, they can help.

Pros of Buying New: When you buy new equipment, you have the satisfaction of knowing you are the first to use that equipment. By buying new, you also have more access to the latest and greatest in technology.

Cons of Buying New: Typically, brand new equipment will be significantly more expensive than buying used. But if it’s a piece of equipment you will use often and for a long time, the extra cost may be worth it.

Pros of Buying Used: There are many pros to buying used equipment, including affordability, accessing certain features that may not be available in newer equipment, and having more options available to you.

Cons of Buying Used: Some cons include wear and tear from the previous owner, the unavailability of parts, especially if the equipment is quite old, and the possibility of needing repairs. However, like we mentioned, when you trade or purchase used equipment from us, we ensure you are satisfied by making sure the equipment is in working order and good condition.

Forklifts from FMI Trading LLC

If you’re in the market for used or new forklifts and other equipment, we have you covered. Stop by or check out our online inventory today!