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About FMI Trading LLC

FMI Trading, LLC has been in the business of trading machinery and equipment in El Paso since 2013 and our employees and Mexican side of the business have over 25 years of experience. We specialize in trading industrial equipment that can be used in factories and construction management. We sell both used and new products and take all of the necessary steps to ensure our equipment and machinery are in great condition at the time of purchase.

Where Do We Get Our Equipment?

The majority of the equipment we sell is used, meaning it can come from all over. Before we put used equipment out on the market, we perform thorough inspections and make any repairs needed to ensure the equipment is ready to go when you purchase or trade for it.

We also provide new equipment. Our new equipment is sourced from multiple high-quality distributors from around the United States and Canada. These include:

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  • Hydmech: We purchase all of our new band saws from Hydmech. Based out of Arkansas and Canada, Hydmech distributes high-quality band saws and band saw parts and also performs band saw service.

  • Megafab/Piranha: We go through Megafab’s Piranha to purchase ironworkers, brake presses, and other new equipment. Piranha is a conglomerate of three different countries whose expertise dates back to the 1800s. Their products are the best in the business, so when you purchase the equipment from us, you can guarantee you’re getting a great deal.

Where Do We Do Business?

As a bilingual company, FMI Trading, LLC has experience working in both Texas and Mexico, but can service all over the United States. Our primary focus puts us in El Paso, Juarez, Vinton, Midland, Odessa, Lubbock, and Las Cruces. We assist companies and business throughout the southwest and beyond and are happy to help you.

Our Mission

At FMI Trading, LLC, our mission is to offer our customers first-class service while providing them with efficient, reliable equipment that can help them and their business become and stay successful. We understand that your success is contingent on the equipment available to you. We make it our goal to provide you with long-lasting and affordable equipment that you can use in your business, factory, warehouse, or shop floor.

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